What Is a Gsa Fss Contract

It takes time to sort through the GSA scheduling prompt and decipher the GSA quote requests. An experienced consultant knows what the GSA wants to see and how it wants to see it. You can develop a proposal in just a few weeks. They can also minimize review times by meeting prompt requirements from the get-go. Under the GSA Annex (also known as multiple allocation schedules and federal procurement schedules), the GSA enters into long-term government-wide contracts with commercial companies to access more than 11 million commercial supplies (products) and services. While the GSA Annex Program is only one of GSA`s procurement tools, it is one of the largest and most preferred programs for commercial products and services. Our beginner`s guide to GSA planning contracts provides an overview of how the contract works, a sales history, and the steps to follow to get the contract. Download the guide The TAA described in Far Subpart 25.4 applies to all contracts and calendar orders. The TAA, which grants a waiver of the Buy American Act, states that only finished products manufactured in the United States or named may be offered or sold under ancillary contracts. MAS gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to offer global coverage. Schedule Contractors may offer one of three categories of geographic coverage: To determine fair and reasonable prices, the GSA Contracting Officer may consider many factors, including the prices of competing contracts, historical prices and prices currently available from other sources, corporate benchmarks, etc. GSA Schedule Contracts, also known as GSA Schedules or Federal Supply Schedules, are perpetual deliveries, Indeterminate Quantities (IDIQ), and long-term contracts under the General Services Administration`s Multiple Allocation Program (MAS). GSA Annex contracts are designed to assist federal employees in purchasing products and services; They include pre-negotiated prices, delivery terms, warranties, and other terms that streamline the purchase process.

Pricing is another important consideration. GSA wants your lowest price, lower than the one you give to your best customer. The pressure to award the lowest possible price has only increased in recent years, making GSA contracts more difficult for small businesses. (See „The cost of the FSSI and the paid pricing portal“). A GSA Schedule contract at a price you can`t maintain could bankrupt your business. He or she can also teach you how to use GSA`s online sales query tool to see how much of your GSA product or service is buying. Current purchases may far exceed your production capacity, or there may be virtually no purchases. Both situations could argue against the continuation of an ancillary contract. The time it takes to get a contract from the GSA Annex is divided into two parts: 1) prepare your bid and 2) review your bid by the GSA and negotiate your bid.

If you decide to prepare a proposal yourself, it can take from a few months to more than a year. Once your proposal has been submitted to the GSA, the review time will depend on the GSA calendar category you are following. Review times vary from approximately three to four months for the IT Large category to more than one year for the Furniture and Security categories. Before awarding a contract under the GSA Annex, GSA Contract Agents (CO) determine that the prices of supplies, fixed-price services and services offered at hourly rates are fair and reasonable. In addition to the above pricing factors, we compare the prices or discounts that a company offers to the government with the best prices or discounts that the company offers to its own business customers – commonly referred to as the „Most Favored Customer“ awards. To facilitate the procurement and purchasing process, the consolidated DSS is divided into 12 broad categories and 82 subcategories of product and service offerings. The subcategories are then sorted into special item numbers (SINs) and are clearly described in our GSA electronic library. For example, because the GSA has already determined that prices under the GSA Annex contracts are fair and reasonable, order activities do not need to separately determine fair and reasonable prices, with the exception of DOD and NASA (see Agency Deviations from FAR 8,404(d)). In addition, in accordance with FAR 8.405-2(d), the Customer must make an overall determination of the adequacy of prices when purchasing services according to schedules. This provision ensures that the effort and work combination are appropriate to accomplish the task. The GSA also has the right to enter into contracts for the engagement and supply of information technology for the use of other agencies.

These GWACs have unique contractual features and special benefits for GSA customers. The Schedules program is designed to provide discount resources to all GSA federal agencies worldwide, as well as state and local governments. Under this program, a contractor can sell to any government agency with a single source, rather than having separate contracts with each organization. GSA Schedule (also known as multiple Award Schedule (MAS) and Federal Supply Schedule) is a government-wide long-term contract with commercial companies that provides buyers of federal, state and local government agencies with access to more than 11 million commercial deliveries (products) and services at reduced volume prices. The GSA`s schedule is a $45 billion government contract. Businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and educational institutions can obtain a schedule contract from the GSA to sell products and services to government customers. GSA scheduling contracts streamline the government`s sale process because they have predetermined prices, terms, and conditions that government buyers can use to purchase from a company. Although GSA calendar contracts are primarily used for sale to federal agencies, in certain circumstances they can also be used for sale to state and local authorities. Government-wide long-term contracts with commercial companies that provide federal, state and local buyers with access to more than 11 million commercial products and services at reduced volume prices.

Also known as multiple allocation plans or federal scheduling agreements. .

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